By Liz Langley
Viva Editions, $15.95, 262 pages


Crazy Little Thing: Why Love and Sex Drive Us Mad is investigative journalist Liz Langley’s nation-wide investigation about the hearts and hormones that drive our romantic lives. Langley’s writing is concise, and her research is expansive. From the neurological workings of the brain to the intricacies of the endocrine system, Langley explains the scientific blueprints of desire, especially the desire that contradicts our more practical thoughts when it comes to love. Langley also provides anecdotes of “crazy love,” gathered from interviews with couples across the nation, including a woman who married the man who hired a hit man that threw lye in her face, causing her eventual blindness.

At times, Langley relies too heavily on pop-culture references and snarky quips to make her content engaging, but her passion for the topic shines through her work. Her witty voice combines with her solid research to both “explain how your hormones and neurotransmitters make you do really stupid things” and enable her to “write a book a person could read on a cross-country flight without getting bored and picking up the Sky Mall catalogue.”

Reviewed by Emily Davis

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