By Dianne Young, Illustrated by John Martz
Kids Can Press, $16.95, 32 pages

Dear Flyary, a children’s book by Dianne Young, takes place light years away and focuses on a little alien named Frazzle who is ready to buy his first spaceship. Frazzle tells his story through entries in his alien diary, or “Flyary.” The story begins with Frazzle falling in love with a space ship he purchases on his birthday. The little Model 7 spaceship is shining red with white stripes and is the trendiest model. Though, as the years go on, and more birthdays arrive, the model 7 becomes out of style and dull compared to newer versions. It even loses its soft hum for a clanking noise. However, whenever newer models hit the market, when color trends begin changing, even when the old model 7 starts making strange noises, Frazzle refuses to trade up.

Dear Flyary is a great example to children about taking care of and appreciating what you have. The illustrations by John Martz are exciting to see, and add a whimsical nature to the book.

The only thing I found difficult was reading the story aloud. There are many made up words to mimic English phrases; for instance Gladdy Drop Day is the alien version of Happy Birthday. Children love how silly it is though, and enjoy trying to translate the strange speech.

Reviewed by Sophie Sestero

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