By Christopher J. Frank & Paul Magnone
Portfolio, $26.95, 215 pages

Frank and Magnone’s book Drinking from the Fire Hose was an informative read. It is no secret that we are inundated with so much data and information that people feel compelled to sleep with their cell phones, laptops and iPads. The authors suggest that there is a way to distill all that information down to the essential nuggets needed to make decisions. Their methodology is built around asking seven questions. The authors provide several current-day business examples to support their ideas. It is especially helpful that they begin each chapter with “chapter lessons” and end each chapter with “chapter takeaways”.  This reviewer believed the book would have been a better tool if the chapter takeaways were more comprehensive. Given that the topic was information overload, this reviewer felt that the book was wordy at times. Nonetheless, the book offered good insight and ideas.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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