By Wendy Delsol
Candlewick Press, $15.99, 376 pages

Katla LeBlanc settles into life in Minnesota, after discovering she’s a Stork (a mystical group called to deliver souls). Her boyfriend, Jack understands unusual powers as he’s a descendant of Jack Frost and able to control the weather. When the mysterious Brigid shows up to research climate change, most everyone is taken in. Not Kat. As Jack is swept into Brigid’s research effort in Greenland, Katla becomes increasingly suspicious – or is it just jealousy? When Katla learns that Jack has disappeared from the Greenland research station, it will take all her mystical abilities and some help from other worlds to pursue and recover Jack.

Frost is the second book in the Stork series. While references to the first allude to previous adventures, they are not always transparent. Readers would do well to read Stork first. The author might have included a more revealing prologue, however, according to her character Katla, “prologues, if you asked me, were like base coats of nail polish, not worth the time or effort.” Wendy Delsol includes numerous witty metaphors and similes in Frost and captures the YA voice well. Pacing quickens as the plot advances, for a satisfying conclusion.

Reviewed by Lisa Ard

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