By Jay Michaelson
Beacon Press, $25.95, 212 pages

The problem with some arguments is that they need to keep to the relevant information. God vs. Gay posits that not only are there no proscriptions against being gay in the Bible, but that it actually encourages it. Also, that when one interprets the various rules and examples, one should judge based on compassion. Because of this, the book argues, those that argue against homosexuality are also arguing against the Bible itself.

Although parts of the book are very well-written, and it does present a very compelling case for the acceptance of homosexuality by Christianity, there are some flaws in the presentation. It brings in a number of non-biblical sources to make the case; although the Torah, for example is a legitimate case, others are not. Also, it constantly finds small arguments to prove its case. Thus, it fails because the lily is far too gilded; if the case is solid, then why add more to it for the apparent sake of making it better, when those extraneous arguments are generally non-biblical? This is a great book with which to begin delving into the question of Christian homosexuality, but should not be the only one.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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