By Jean-Marie Lespinasse and Evelyne Leterme
Norton, $49.95, 352 pages

Whether the reader is hoping to improve the fruit production of a single cherry tree growing in the backyard or start a multiple acre orchard, Growing Fruit Trees: Novel Concepts and Practices for Successful Care and Management can help. Addressing the ins and outs of growing almond, apple, apricot, cherry, chestnut, fig, table grape, hazelnut, kiwi, olive, peach, pear, plum, quince and walnut trees, this hefty tome contains a wealth of extremely detailed information. From cultivation history to environmental strengths and weaknesses, methods of training to the importance of specific pollinators, each chapter contains everything a grower needs to know to successfully care for a particular kind of fruit tree. The book also contains a large number of instructive color illustrations and helpful photographs as well as an in-depth glossary. An incredibly comprehensive book, Growing Fruit Trees is sure to have tremendous appeal for the experienced arborist or serious gardener.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Goss

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