By Jane Yolen
Random House Children’s Books, $16.99, 32 pages

I grew up on a horse farm and could really relate to this beautiful rhyme. It was very musical and a book that you would love reading over and over again. It is the story of a mother horse that looks over her baby as she sleeps. “She’ll watch when you gallop. She’ll watch when you leap. And when you are tired, She’ll watch as you sleep.” ||This book by far stands out from others and would make a wonderful keepsake. The words roll off your tongue, and glide with ease as the pictures have a paralyzing effect. It is like a lullaby with words. I could hear the music in every phrase. While reading the story it reminded me of my own mother and how she watched over me. I keep this book out apart from the others and pick it up from time to time to read. Who says picture books are only for the very young. When you have a great book, it captures every age. The illustrations depict the story beautifully with a lot of background to imagine you were in the very places it was taking place. On the prairie, by the beach, and galloping in the meadow. Excellent pick to add to your child’s collection. Fabulous bedtime story! If you find Hush, Little Horsie on your travels, be the first to pick it up! Two thumbs up all the way!

Reviewed by Rhonda Fischer

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