By Daisy Jordan
Llumina Press, $19.95, 432 pages

“Hey, this is Holly, my fiancée.” Upon hearing that the love of her life is engaged, Lorylyn Porter’s world falls apart, and she falls into bed with her ex-husband. Daisy Jordan’s I Don’t Want the Rest of Your Life follows the adventures of heroine Lorylyn and her college roommates and partners in crime, Zibby, Jansen and Kylar. Each young woman has her own man troubles and conflicting feelings, especially Lorylyn. She is dealing with lingering emotions relating to her engaged ex, even though she’s been married to someone else. Lorylyn has been divorced, fantasizes about an old fling and there is a mysterious guy lurking in the background whom she is convinced she might love.

I Don’t Want the Rest of Your Life includes experiences that popular frat girls loved about college. Booze, boys, gossip and partying abound in this exploration of relationships, especially when relationships fail. Along the way, the women learn that when the best part of a relationship has passed, you might not want to be in an empty relationship for your remaining years. I Don’t Want the Rest of Your Life is a summer beach read full of self-exploration and summer flings.

Reviewed by Axie Barclay,

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