By Ashley Spires
Kids Can Press, $16.95, 32 pages

Any kid would love to meet Larf, a hairy, seven-foot-tall, vegetarian Sasquatch. When you are constantly hiding from people, it is easy to feel like no one knows you exist. Larf is used to a solitary life of gardening, jogging and walking Eric, his pet rabbit. The thought of any public attention makes Larf sweaty. When he is sited, people think he is a guy in a gorilla suit, an escaped circus bear and even their Aunt Mildred! Author Ashley Spires’ book Larf takes place in the Pacific Northwest and tells the story of a creature faced with change. Spires’ illustrations are rendered in watercolor, ink, recycled paper collage and a dollop of organic Sasquatch detangler and conditioning shampoo! This book is vegetarian, vegan and Sasquatch friendly. One morning Larf sees an article in the newspaper stating that a Sasquatch will be appearing in town. Larf realizes he isn’t the only Sasquatch in the world. With someone like him, Larf could actually ride the teeter-totter and share hair grooming tips. Shy kids will identify with Larf’s feelings of loneliness and isolation from others. Everyone can relate to the challenge of making a new friend. This heartwarming story about companionship and change is bound to become a family favorite.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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