Edited by James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel
PYR, $17.95, 336 pages

Since 1965, members of the Science Fiction Writers Association have judged themselves by giving out an award called The Nebula to works of fantastical fiction that they were particularly impressed with. The award winning stories have since been collected in Nebula Awards Showcase, this year edited by award winning writers James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel. The collection contains over a dozen stories and novel excerpts by some of the field’s top luminaries, but also many newer writers. 2012 is a year that sees the passing on of the old guard. As a result, one may be saddened that some of their favorite authors were not included.

Readers may find the showcase varied or uneven, but there are all sorts of alien tastes out there and not everything is for everybody. As the editors note, there was more fantasy than science fiction included this year. For this collection, The Association endeavored to tackle social issues, with Feminism being a major theme of what is presented. Sadly missing, as in years past, are articles and non-fiction commentary. Despite the strange, challenging, experimental story or something else that one may not appreciate, upon finishing the collection, one is likely to experience a profound longing for more.

Reviewed by Ryder Miller

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