By Kent Nerburn
New World Library, $14.00, 122 pages

Ken Nerburn has a PhD in religion and art, and his spirituality is not confined to one specific tradition. Indeed, the quotes that open each chapter in Ordinary Sacred, and the references in each chapter encompass a broad range of traditions. However, its not the quotes or references that make Ordinary Sacred remarkable. Rather, it’s Nerburn’s ability to discern depth in the mundane. He hears the whispers of the spirit in listening to birds in England, encounters with children, fixing a broken light switch, watching a man fly a kite in a dusty wind, talking to the elderly and infirm, and in the funeral rite of a poor, Native American man who died too young. This volume provides an opportunity for the reader to return again and again to ground him or herself in this ultimate truth that exists right here in this moment.

For Ken Nerburn, the world around him is alive with an almost tangible spirituality. With luck, Ordinary Sacred will grant his readers an opportunity to find the same in their lives.

Reviewed by Annie Peters

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