By Amanda Quick
Putnam, $25.95, 342 pages

As she is one of my favorite authors, I have to say any story by Amanda Quick is well worth reading. She has written books by the dozens, and this latest one is as fresh and fun as her first. Writing in both historical and present day settings at different times, she always includes main characters with paranormal talents that present extraordinary complications. Her stories are mysteries with adventure, suspense and romance, and also a bit of humor. It all adds up to really entertaining reading. “Psychical” is used as a historical form of the term “psychic” that we use today. In fact, in the 1800s, when Quicksilver is set, there was considerable interest in psychic phenomena. Looking glass or glass light deals with psychic energy focused with glass and mirrors. Our psychic protagonists hunt down and circumvent the monstrous criminals who happen to also have psychic talents. Obviously, the ordinary public would not have a chance against them. I highly recommend Quicksilver for those who read for entertainment, as I often do. It can enjoyably be read as the first one of her books with or without  reading earlier books in the series first. Happy reading!

Reviewed by Rosalie West

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