By Rob Ziegler
Night Shade Books, $24.99, 339 pages

The world has changed from global warming. Civilization is on the verge of collapse. Countries are falling, where there was once a powerful government. All that is left are a few individuals that think they still have power. Instead society is back to the hunting and gathering stage. Trying to grow crops in an ever increasing changing planet with only one hope of survival and that is Satori. A project started by three men to change the genetic makeup of humanity through seed and then to re-emerge as the new power brokers. Instead they are thwarted by their own creations that have a different idea of humanity;  one that can be guided through the rule of a benevolent dictator, one that can get humanity back on its feet, instead of living day to day. The government will try to stop that from happening.

For a debut, this is a fairly good piece of work. The writing is not boring to read. The characters are generally interesting, and the plot is not overly complicated. The only issue is that Mr. Ziegler is trying to juggle three different story lines together and they just don’t quite all come together perfectly.

Reviewed by Kevin Winter

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