By Duo Dickinson
Taunton Press,$24.95, 264 pages

Home improvement and remodeling projects allow you to create the home you want from the home you have. Architect/author Duo Dickinson, in his book Staying Put offers readers hope and instruction on how to make older homes fit today’s lifestyles. This practical guide is a broad overview and introduction to the home renovation process. Readers will find projects with varied budgets ranging from $100 to $1000 per square foot of remodeled space. Full color photographs, including before and after shots, show completed remodels in homes and apartments located all over the country. Dickinson opens the book with an interesting look at the history of home buying, economic and social factors, and the turn to renovation. He then lays out rules for evaluating the basic criteria you’ll use to create the ideal functional and financially sensible remodel. Dickinson writes directly to the DIY reader, using a conversational and humorous tone and approachable style. Industry terms are explained along the way. Remodels for the kitchen, living room, entryway, bedroom and bathroom each have their own detailed chapters. Dickenson covers floor plans, color choices, lighting, following codes and regulations, money saving tips and other design elements.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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