By Carol Wolfe
Night Shade Books, $14.99, 276 pages

Amber is a lone wolf with a pack of one, and she likes it that way. After escaping an abusive family situation, the plucky sixteen-year-old has set up a life for herself in sunny Los Angeles. One night while prowling the Hollywood Hills, Amber stumbles across an occult ceremony. Before she knows it, she finds herself tied to Richard, a handsome demon with a bit of an identity problem. Author Carol Wolf (a perfect name for the genre!) brings readers Summoning, the first book in the Moon Wolf Saga series. Wolf is no novice – she’s an award-winning playwright, a script writer for video games and a movie director. This book is Wolf’s urban fantasy debut. Amber, daughter of the wolf-kind (AKA werewolf), gets the news that the World Snake and the Eater of Souls are both headed to LA to wreak some major havoc. Meanwhile, Richard is looking to reclaim his soul from two old enemies. Fans of Patricia Briggs should try out this new series. Wolf adds a unique mythic lore to the genre. Amber is a strong character who readers will want to see more of soon.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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