By Barbara Mariconda, Sherry Rogers (illustrator)
Sylvan Dell, $8.95, 32 pages

Two friends set out with a goal to capture, study, and release as many butterflies as possible. It quickly turns into a contest. Who can catch the most butterflies? A mathematic adventure awaits young readers in Barbara Mariconda’s book Ten For Me. Written in rhyme, the book follows Rose and Ed as they find insects and help make math fun, easy, and entertaining. On each page, the kids keep a running tally of their catch and release totals. There are many ways to practice counting and addition using this book. Sherry Rogers’ illustrations are bright, cheerful, and filled with brilliantly colored butterflies. Perceptive eyes will notice a few special animals appear on every page. The special “For Creative Minds” section expands on lessons learned in the book. Parents and teachers will appreciate educational activities like using number patterns to demonstrate addition and subtraction. Kids will enjoy learning and identifying butterfly body parts (antennae, thorax, wings, and abdomen). A life cycle sequencing activity teaches readers about metamorphosis. Finally, readers are asked to compare and contrast different types of butterflies using criteria such as habitat, diet, and size, color, and camouflage. Any budding scientist, mathematician, or nature lover will cherish this book.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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