By Mike Doughty
Da Capo Press, $16.00, 252 pages

Mike Doughty’s adventurous memoir in The Book of Drugs covers all the topics expected: sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. The book spans from Doughty’s days of devotion to his band to the hard partying that comes with a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. This spiral starts when he was young and given a front row seat to his parents daily fighting. The conflicts that ensue are due to a childhood devoid of a loving family as support. The short memoir provides a behind-the-scenes glance at the life of someone in the spotlight. Anyone with an interest in stepping into the spotlight or starting to experiment with drugs would enjoy this book as a foreshadowing of a possible life.

Readers should enjoy the quick wit and clever self-analysis Doughty employs. This is an interesting read about the places drugs can take a person and the requirements for completely re-organizing one’s life. This quick memoir asks the reader to analyze his or her own life in accordance to when Doughty’s went off track.

Reviewed by Liz Friedman
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