By Julie Garwood
Dutton, $26.95, 322 pages

Ellie Sullivan is the top surgeon in a Chicago area trauma center. After witnessing a shooting, in which an agent was injured, she also becomes an important witness to the FBI. Max Daniels can’t explain it, but he is compelled by Ellie and her iron will wrapped in a charming vulnerability. What Max doesn’t realize is that Ellie not only needs protection from the FBI’s most wanted but also from the insane stalker from her past.

The Ideal Man by Julie Garwood is a great story with interesting characters but it felt like it was missing something. Once you finished you felt like you needed to go back and read it again, not because it was that good, but because you are left with an unfinished feeling, like something was left out. Julie Garwood is an amazing author who has a long history of great romances. However, this book lacks the romance that readers have come to expect from Garwood. In The Ideal Man Garwood has written great popular fiction but if it is romance you are looking for, look somewhere else.

Reviewed by Rebecca Feuerbacher

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