By Dr. Seuss and David A. Carter
Random House Children’s Books, $29.99, 18 pages

The Lorax Pop-Up! is out just in time to compliment The Lorax, a major motion picture with the same story. Dr. Seuss’ stories will always remain classics simply because his work appeals to the kid in all of us. David A. Carter’s art is intricately detailed and literally pops off the page. There are lots of moving parts and interactive windows to open which adds to the story of the Lorax and his quest to grow trees and shut down the polluting factories that destroyed his world.

While the pictures, the pop-ups and all the fun movable parts make this book unique, the words on the page are small in comparison and don’t seem to fit in with the brilliant illustrations. Dr. Seuss’ original creations combined the thrill of the story with easy-to-read fonts and vibrant colors to enthrall young readers. The Lorax Pop-Up! would be more effective if the words popped as much as the pictures do. This book is still a fun read for Seuss fans of all ages!

Reviewed by M.Chris Johnson,

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