By Michael Carroll
Trumpeter Books, $14.95, 238 pages

What defines a great leader? Is it someone who gets things done quickly, efficiently, and under budget? According to Michael Carroll in his book The Mindful Leader, a great leader is someone who stops and focuses on the moment instead of getting wrapped up in too many details. Carroll is trained as a Buddhist as well as having experience in the corporate world. He shares his thoughts about how leaders today need to focus on the here and now and not on things that are out of their control. He discusses how being mindful can truly help make a good leader into a great leader. Carroll doesn’t really provide a lot of guidance about what to actually do to be mindful but gives examples of how to apply mindfulness in a business setting. As a leader and someone who practices mindfulness regularly it was great to see how I can apply this to my work life as well. If you are new to mindfulness I would suggest a more basic step-by-step guide. Otherwise, I think all leaders should read this and learn the importance of mindfulness. This book could be what helps you get to that next level with your leadership skills.

Reviewed by Nicole Will

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