By Les Fehmi, PhD
Trumpeter, $18.95, 192 pages

Sometimes a book is far too obviously the first step of a long program. The Open Focus Brain makes no bones about being an advertisement for the Open Focus program. The basic concept is that the mind of the average person is too narrowly focused on a specific goal, but that our brains are geared towards getting information from our surroundings as a whole. Because we are focusing it in an unnatural way, the brain creates neuroses and other illnesses in order to deal with the problem. It’s not a bad idea, and apparently has helped a number of people based on the testimonials in the book.

The problem is that the book is geared towards selling the program. The CD provided with the book gives a taste of the program, and the meditative exercises should be familiar to anyone involved in some form of meditation. There is so much selling, however, that the book itself has almost no worth outside of introducing the program, and that’s probably the wrong way to sell it. Buy the book if you are looking for a new New Age method of dealing with problems, but you may want to download a copy instead.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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