By Birgit Stutz and Lawrence Scanlan
Da Capo Press, $22.00, 220 pages

Near the town of McBride in the Robson Valley in Northern British Columbia some snowmobilers spot a pair of abandoned horses in the Canadian Rockies. A few folks in the town go up to the base of Mt. Renshaw loaded with hay and a gun to either feed the horses or put them down as necessary. What they saw and reported back to the town was that the horses were alive but that there was a glimmer of life in the horses’ eyes, so they fed them and mounted a rescue effort.

The town of McBride with help from other near-by towns proceeded to dig a six foot deep trench 3200+ feet down hill to a semi-maintained logging road in negative 40 degree weather. With daylight and weather limiting factors and the horses deteriorating condition time was of the essence. Warming blankets were added to the horses and the digging of the trench started in earnest. Winter was taking its toll on the diggers and the horses, but when the media kicked in and more workers began appearing, they pushed on.

A good read if you are horse lover, a feel good book in that the human spirit can be cruel and good. Who would abandon two horses and it takes but a village to rescue them.

Reviewed by Dick Morris.

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