By Amanda Blake Soule with Stephen Soule
Trumpeter, $19.95, 252 pages

Too often people lament how time flies and their children are growing too fast as they fill their days with unfulfilling busy-ness often combined with mindless consumerism. Across the country, a movement is afoot to reclaim our time and give meaning to our lives by turning inward toward our families and nature, slowing down, simplifying and becoming more self sufficient. For anyone interested in beginning this process, The Rhythm of Family: Discovering a Sense of Wonder through the Seasons provides a beautiful introduction.

In this book, Amanda Soule of  the blog “SouleMama” and her husband, Stephen, journey through a year with their children. For each month, Amanda and Stephen write separate essays. Tensions from a busy day begin to melt away while reading their peaceful words and the reader feels grounded in a sense of what truly matters. Following these essays are activities to do and to make with the family. Yes, time will still pass and children will still grow too quickly. However, with The Rhythm of Family as a guide, the passage will seem sweeter and more worthwhile.

Reviewed by Annie Peters

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