By Editors of Klutz
Klutz, $12.95, 94 pages

The Klutz editors have done it again. They have created a book so packed full of outrageous information that a reader’s brain might just explode. With The Slightly Odd United States of America, learning about this great country has never been more fun. Each page features a collage style presentation that highlights a state. The book’s style is reader friendly in that it isn’t just paragraphs of text. It is presented more like a page from a scrapbook, with little descriptions about lots of wacky things scattered across the page. At the bottom is a mini map of the U.S. with the featured state highlighted. Spread throughout the book are quizzes, puzzles, and games reinforcing what has been read. Can you tell the real state nicknames from the fake ones (No Maine, No Gain)? Unscramble words unique to each state. Find the state capitals in a huge word search. Families will enjoy browsing through this fun book together. Did you know that West Virginia makes most of the country’s marbles and that Vermont holds an annual rotten sneaker contest where odor offensiveness is a good thing? Put it on your calendar. Discover new crazy facts about your state!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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