By Joseph Cardillo, Don DuRousseau, Galina Mindlin
Sourcebooks, $14.99, 235 pages

Nobody can deny the power of music. Everyone has a favorite song that triggers some kind of emotion when they hear it. In Your Playlist Can Change Your Life the three authors go into the psychology of music and how you can use music to stimulate certain moods. They provide examples of how you can pick a playlist to help you when you’re stressed, when you need to get organized, and when you need to stay motivated. The authors break down how the music activates parts of the brain and how you can create your playlist for maximum effectiveness. The book makes it easy to customize the playlists for the reader and provides tips about the types of songs to add in each life scenario. As a singer, I fully believe that music can be used to either change or enhance any situation. This book taught me how to go through my music collection and pick songs for every occasion. I now have ten different playlists that I listen to throughout the day! This book is for all music lovers who want to use music to enhance their daily lives.

Reviewed by Nicole Will

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