By Garth Nix
Harper, $17.99, 337 pages

Prior to A Confusion of Princes I primarily knew Garth Nix as a young adult fantasy writer. However, this novel proves that he can cross the divide and write true science fiction just as successfully. A Confusion of Princes is the story of Khemri. He is one of millions of children stripped from their parents by an intergalactic empire and raised as a prince. This life includes substantial body modification, such as the ability to control one’s bodily systems, as well as the ability to be reborn from death. From the beginning Khemri is very successful in this life, and he gradually learns what it means to be a prince. Even though Nix’s work is directed towards a young adult audience, it holds up well for an adult audience. The story was compelling, and even though adults may want to slap the narrator more than identify with him, you can’t help but want to know what’s going to happen. Nix’s work can be a little scary for younger teens, and there is some mild language/sexual references, however, the story is fresh, imaginative and compelling no matter what age you are.

Reviewed by Katie Richards,

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