By Christina Henry
ACE, $7.99, 270 pages

Black Night: A Black Wings Novel is the second book in the Black Wings series. After an epic showdown with a disgruntled angel, the story picks up with Madeline Black, an Agent of death. It is Maddy’s job to escort the souls of the dead to the great beyond; however, creatures start dying outside of the natural order, and Maddy begins to investigate. The story takes her across the city searching for clues, and leaves her dumbfounded when both her bodyguard and her guardian gargoyle disappear.

Black Night is filled with humorous banter among characters, and romantic tension between Maddy and her bodyguard, Gabriel. The story remains interesting as Maddy is placed in difficult situations by her grandfather, Lucifer. It seems that Maddy is destined for great things, as she combats monsters, rescues her gargoyle, and fights for Gabriel’s life. Black Night is a great book for anyone looking for a change from the typical vampire or monster book. The characters are brought to life with realistic personalities and gut-wrenching interactions. It is a fast read and makes you want to stay up late to finish the next chapter, and the next after that.

Reviewed by Rachel J. Richards

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