By Dave Freer
PYR, $16.95, 276 pages

Author Dave Freer’s book Cuttlefish is one of the latest offerings for young adult readers. The British Empire spans the globe, submarines run on coal and world power hinges upon a single scientific discovery. Unfortunately for Clara Calland, the scientist who made that important scientific breakthrough is her mother. The government would rather see Dr. Calland destroyed than risk her sharing knowledge with another country. Even though Clara and her mother manage to escape London on the submarine Cuttlefish, the Imperial Navy is on their trail. Aboard the fleeing vessel, Clara befriends Tim Barnabas, a young submariner from the flooded tunnels of London. It will take them working together to save the Cuttlefish and her passengers. Cuttlefish offers readers plenty of action, adventure, excitement and a little romance. The characters and science fiction elements are believable. Freer’s treatment of race and gender issues could be better. Readers expecting resolution may be disappointed by the book’s ending. Is a sequel planned? Overall, Freer delivers an enjoyable story.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Goss

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