By Kathy Carmichael
Medallion Press, $15.95, 224 pages

Kathy Carmichael’s Diary of a Confessions Queen is a murder mystery with flare. For seven years, Amy’s husband Dan has been missing and suddenly, just as she is about to declare him legally dead so that she can move forward with her life, Amy receives a blackmail note telling her that Dan is still alive. With a funny best friend, a batty old neighbor, and two men vying for her affection, Amy now has to discover what really happened to Dan – and stay alive in the process. Carmichael’s novel is an excellent tale of mystery and suspense with a comedic kick and is easy to read. Each character brings more intrigue to the story, and Carmichael manages to make the end come out of nowhere. This reviewer feels that anyone who loves suspense and mystery will enjoy Diary of a Confessions Queen.


Reviewed by Melissa Boles

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