By Ami Rubinger
Abbeville Kids, 32 pages, $13.95

You don’t have to own a dog to enjoy Ami Rubinger’s new counting book Dog Number 1, Dog Number 10. Young animal lovers are introduced one by one to ten dynamic doggies, each with their own style and rhyming text. Dog Number 1 is Rover and he loves to play chase. Peaceful Joy is Dog Number 4 and she enjoys yoga. Be it big or small, there is a favorite dog for every reader. Introducing the concept of counting to children at an early age prepares them for school and helps with language development. Rubinger cleverly incorporates the featured number on every page. Kids will study the bright, colorful illustrations to discover items grouped by the same number. Lucy, Dog Number 2, is napping near two birds, by two green trees, underneath two fluffy clouds. Bones, Dog Number 4, has four claws on each paw and four food bowls! Dog Number 6, Buddy, plays with six new friends by six pretty flowers. By the end of the story, all ten dogs are together. Add in Missy, Spike, Yeller, Spot, Tramp, and all their belongings and there are so many fun things to count! Look for a special appearance by ten cool cats!

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin,

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