By Tracy Dorr
Amherst Media, Inc, $34.95, 128 pages

Engagement photos have a lot of weight to carry; they will be used to announce to the world a couple has chosen to tie the knot. Thus, engagement photos have the task of showing off a little of a couple’s quirks and style. Engagement Portraiture: Master Techniques for Digital Photographers is a wonderful guide for those photographers new to shooting the ever stressful engagement photo. The graphically stimulating book walks photographers through the professional process step by step. Author and photographer Tracy Dorr covers everything from understanding the client’s perspective and photo style to pricing guides and increasing your value. Though, this is not Dorr’s first photography guide, the experienced photographer has many accolades for her writing and photography, which is evident through the quality of the book.

The photography acts as an inspiration for couples to seek images representing their individual relationship and how photographers can artfully, and tastefully, represent the couple. The images in the book range from standard, posed portraits to funky, crafted candids where couples are stuck in washing machines.

Engagement Portraiture is sure to be an asset for the photography world as well as worried brides-to-be everywhere.

Reviewed by Sophie Sestero

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