By Albert Goldbarth
Graywolf Press, $18.00, 187 pages

Everyday People is a collection of poems musing about people and places. Albert Goldbarth is a distinguished poet from Chicago, having won the National Book Critics Circle award in both 1991 and 2001, he is the only poet to receive the honor twice. In his most recent book of poems he writes about the people that make places, experiences that tie together strangers, and concludes that we are bivalves in one of his poems titled The Bivalves Proof. He ties words together with a fluid motion only available through the hand of a poet.

Goldbarth analyzes people in such a scrutinizing and also holistic manner one might think he is not human. He uses an enormous vocabulary to paint pictures visible in the readers’ head. This is a remarkable book full of revolutionary analysis and ideas. A must read for someone exploring questions about the human race.

Reviewed by Liz Friedman

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