By Faith Reese Martin
American Literary Publishing, $14.99. 400 pages

At first glance, this novel appears to be just another young adult fictional tale, but in fact, includes rich history, tragedy, suspense, time travel and super powers that whisk away young readers to another place and time. Jinx and her best friend Max, along with Poppy the cat and Petey the dog, embark on adventures that call to them. Jinx has the ability to “see” these haunting events and can travel through time to right a wrong in the past. Max can converse with and understand animals, so Petey and Poppy are always on the lookout for them and ready to help.

In the novel, author Faith Reese Martin includes maps, drawings, dates and historically accurate data of the days of slavery with added enticements of the supernatural. Young readers will get a glimpse into the horror of those times for the slaves, while simultaneously being entertained, craving more information from that time period, and rooting for Jinx and Max. The first-person account side stories are a bit distracting, but in the end they are a useful part of the whole story. You finish the book feeling some of the pain of those slaves and more enlightened by the possibilities this fantasy world conjures up. Non-stop excitement and details will keep those pages turning!

Reviewed by M.Chris Johnson,

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