By Jessica Maria Tuccelli
Viking, $25.95, 336 pages

In her novel Glow, author Jessica Maria Tuccelli takes on the heavy topic of slavery in the South during the mid-1800s through the beginning of WWII. What is unique about her story is that Tuccelli writes about the American Indians’ loss of land. Amelia McGee is a mother and activist who hastily sends her daughter Ella on a bus to Georgia when their home is threatened. Unfortunately, Ella meets two drifters along the way who beat her and leave her for dead. Willie Mae Cotton finds Ella and her dog and nurses her back to health. While being cared for, Ella is told stories of her past. Although interesting, at times the story becomes too intricate and it is difficult to follow the characters and their roles.  Nonetheless, if you have an interest in the 1800s and slavery, this is a book worth reading.

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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