By Tina Barrett
Abrams, $16.95, 127 pages

Knitted Dinosaurs is a collection of 15 prehistoric soft pals to knit for your favorite dinosaur lover. The excellent photographs of the dinosaurs posing are entertaining and fun to look at. The dinosaurs are colorful and full of life, from the fuzzy and mean-eyed Velociraptor to the chubby, flying Pterodactyl.  The instructions are easy to follow and appropriate for a beginning knitter. In addition to the photos and directions, there are a few pages describing basic knitting techniques such as casting on, the knit stitch, and the purl stitch.  Aside from the knitting instructions, there is even a page to help you pronounce each prehistoric creature’s name and gives its meaning.  Whether you are knitting up a green “tyrant king” (T-Rex), or a bright yellow Quetzalcoatlus, this is the book for you. This is a must-have book for anyone knitting for children or adding to their toy pattern collection.  Other titles from Tina Barrett include Natural Knits for Babies & Toddlers  or Knits for Dogs & Cats.

Reviewed by Catherine McMullen

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