By Alison Crowther-Smith
Trafalgar Square Books, $24.95, 120 pages

If you started knitting to make delicate, lacy, feminine things, this is the book for you. This book focuses on projects with a delicate touch. The book largely uses a yarn called “kidsilk haze” but the patterns adapt easily to any lace-weight yarn. The most noticeable difference between this book and many other lace knitting books is that it includes a variety of difficulties in the lace patterns and scale of project. The book also goes beyond the scope of the usual scarves and sweaters in project ideas. Some of the most original ideas in the book were for the pillows and other pieces of home decor. The supplementary instructions for these projects (what kind of pillows to buy, how to cover them with the preliminary fabric) were also through and clear. Lace knitting can be tricky, but this book presents a wide range of projects which go beyond standard suggestions making it a good pick for a beginning lace knitter, or someone who is looking to expand their project range.

Reviewed by Katie Richards,

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