By Leslie Tentler
Mira, 410 pages, $7.99

Midnight Caller is a fast-paced, satisfying mystery-romance. FBI agent Trevor Rivette confronts more than a potential serial killer when he returns to his hometown of New Orleans. He must deal with the demons of a violent childhood, rebuild his relationship with his brother and sister and protect late night radio talk show host Rain Sommers from a violent killer who thinks themselves a vampire. Of course, he finds himself developing feelings for the mesmerizing Rain and finds his ability to remain professional slipping away!

Tentler does a skillful job creating interesting, complex characters while deftly weaving the back story of their lives into the central plot. Midnight Caller has that touch of darkness that keeps the reader hanging on each word and waiting for the next turn of the page to see what happens next. Midnight Caller is the first in a trio of mystery romances and it is also Tentler’s first book, but she crafts this story like a seasoned pro.

Darcie Hart Riedner

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