By Stephanie Zettl
Amherst Media, Inc., $34.95, 160 pages

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then visual poetry is what can be achieved when you are familiar with your equipment.

As photographer and author Stephanie Zettl explains, “When we are comfortable with our technical skills, we are free to focus on the creative side of photography and fully accomplish our artistic vision.” The Nikon Speedlight Handbook: Flash Techniques for Digital Photographers breaks down the nuts and bolts of the Nikon creative lighting system and teaches you how to make practical application of lighting techniques in various settings. Whether it is portrait photography, fast-paced wedding receptions, or magazine-quality dramatic shots, this book will provide inspiration for lighting methods you didn’t know were possible.

Zettl gives clear, concise explanations for each lighting accessory’s function, and how to set it up. If only your camera’s User’s Manual was as appealing and well-comprised as this! Ample illustrations let you see the techniques used and the final result it produces. Bottom line: This manual is a must for the dedicated Nikon Photographer.

Reviewed by Alicea Swett

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