By Angela Lam Turpin
iUniverse, $13.95, 181 pages

Former stay-at-home wife and mother Beverly Mael has traded free hours with the family for filing and answering phone calls at Vine Valley Bank. Her unemployed husband Eric lost his IT job after hacking into the company’s network. Bank president Frank asks Beverly to accompany him to a meeting with the president of World Bank. Rumor has it that the large bank accepted bailout money from the feds and now there is talk of a hostile takeover. As negotiations heat up, Frank gives Beverly more responsibilities and lavishes the praise and attention on her that she isn’t getting at home. The bank employees are jealous of Beverly’s new role and they accuse her of having an affair with the boss. She knows things are really out of control when she overhears her 8-year-old daughter playing with a friend and talking about hacking into computers. Any woman who has fought to balance home and work, dreams and reality, or love and lust will identify with Beverly’s life which is portrayed in Out of Balance, by Angela Lam Turpin. There is a religious undertone to the book. Armed with her faith in God, Beverly must find out whether her husband is becoming a cyber criminal and the truth about World Bank.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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