By Meg Cabot
William Morrow, 278 pages, $22.99

Have you ever wondered what happened to Dracula’s son? Would you believe he calls New York his home? Find out all about this charming vampire in Meg Cabot’s book Overbite, which tells the tale of Lucien Antonesca (son of the Prince of Darkness) and his ex-girlfriend Meena. Now employed by the Palatine Guard, Meena must use her psychic abilities to hunt demons. This paranormal tale will appeal to many audiences, including fans of the Princess Diaries who are ready for a new challenge. If you like to read a series in order, check out Insatiable first. Although it is not necessary to read it to enjoy Overbite, you will learn the background of Lucien and Meena’s relationship. Overbite takes place a few months after Insatiable.

Readers will like Jack Bauer, the baby-loving, demon-sensing dog, as well as Meena’s brother Jon who provides great comic relief. Will the SuperStaker, Jon’s latest invention, succeed? Both choppy and run-on sentences may occasionally draw readers away from the story. What will keep you reading is Cabot’s unique take on vampires, her likable characters, and the book’s exciting twists and turns.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin,


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