By Alicia Partnoy
Cleis Press, $16.95, 136 pages

The Little School is a collection of short stories and poems that take the reader from the comfort of their home to the terrifying world of a concentration camp in Argentina. The men and women of Argentina who disappeared and were kept at The Little School were there for no reason other than they disagreed with the political outfits within the country. Each piece gives the reader a glimpse of what life was like for those who, like the author, Alicia Partnoy, disappeared suddenly. Partnoy writes in a way that makes the reader feel as if they are at the concentration camp with her, and the stories sit in your gut long after they are through. Offering us a glimpse of an event that changed everything for so many people, The Little School is a work of art every history or social justice buff should read.

Reviewed by Melissa Boles

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