By Fiona Patton
DAW, $7.99, 390 pages

The Shining City: Book Three of the Warriors of Estavia is the story of four young men and a god. Estavia will either fall or be saved by its young protectors. Before the final battle can take place, the god must deal with another god, settle issues between his two high priests and resolve a problem that exists within the society of his followers. Author Fiona Patton includes too many details in this final book of her trilogy. She explains concepts from past books but slows down people who have already read them. Plot points and character development are put on hold so Patton can recap the first and second books. A summary at the beginning or an appendix at the end would be more appropriate. Other aspects of the book are well developed. Just be prepared for a slow journey.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim,

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