By Paul Brannigan
Da Capo Press, $26.00, 416 pages

 This Is A Call is the story of Dave Grohl and those he has touched. It starts with why he was messed up as a kid and goes forward from there. It looks at all of the bands he was on, the studios he worked with and just how checkered was his past. Although not filled with all of the expected transgressions, it is a fascinating look at one of the most influential musicians making music today.

The only major strike against the book is the pacing; because of the slow pacing other sections that should have been explored a bit more are glossed over, such as his time in Europe, and others are expanded a bit too much, such as his family origins. The book also has a curious English feel to it (understandable given the English author, but still…). Tips for rock success are peppered throughout the book, with both negative and positive examples and all based on Grohl’s extensive experience as a punk rocker. This is an outstanding book, and a great read for anyone looking for more than yet another Nirvana expose.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim,

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