By Don Bruns
Oceanview Publishing, $25.95, 304 pages

Young adults and others who remember their younger days with fondness will both enjoy Too Much Stuff by Don Bruns.  The story abounds with energy, good humor, excitement, danger and adventure.  James Lessor and Skip Moore, two well educated men in their early 20s, are starting up their own private investigating business, More or Less Investigations.  The setting is in Florida, specifically in the Keys where the men are working hum-drum jobs well beneath their capabilities to supplement the small income they get from their investigations.  Through the story some interesting history of the area comes to light.  Lessor and Moore are hired by a woman who has reason to believe they can find, yes, a buried treasure for her.  The plot is complicated and the story consistently moves right along.  There are strong characterizations with lots of action and suspense that is not overdone but just right.  The ending is satisfactory and effectively a surprise.  This book well deserves its 4 stars for its entertainment value and readability.

Reviewed by Rosalie West

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