By Scott Adams
Andrews McMeel Publishing, 208 pages, $16.99

Do you feel underappreciated at work? Is your boss constantly questioning the work that you do? Do you have a difficult time relating to your co-workers? If yes, then you can easily identify with Dilbert, star of the popular and funny comic strip created by Scott Adams. What began as just a simple doodle has turned into one of the most successful worldwide syndicated comic strips in the history of the art form. For more than 20 years, Adams has been drawing Dilbert, a creativity consultant stuck in the middle of office politics, “corporate cubical culture” and pointless projects. Along with a colorful cast of characters, Dilbert and company gladly combat management with a refusal to do anything productive during the workday. Watch how a workplace tries hard not to accomplish much. If someone does come up with a stellar idea, the credit is bound to go to someone else. Sarcastic humor is the name of the game as Dilbert struggles to make it through an eight hour day without losing his mind. Fans of the comic won’t find much new material, as the strips have appeared in other books. The next time you have to suffer through a never-ending staff meeting, bring along this collection of chuckle-inducing fun to liven up the mood.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin,

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