Edited by Parragon
Parragon, $6.99, 44 pages

Are you looking for an activity book that will keep girls occupied for hours with fun projects and creative ideas? 100 Cool Activities for Girls, by Kristy Neale, is divided up into five tabbed sections: animals, dolls, dress-up, fairies, and flowers. Over 350 stickers are available to decorate the pages and other unique creations. 50 stencils, grouped into themes by section, help strengthen drawing skills and are used to spruce up the already colorful pages. Clare Phillips’ illustrations are zany and fun. In the Animal section, use number stickers to label farmyard friends and count them from smallest to biggest. Stencil in cute kittens on fluffy cushions and give each one a fancy collar. The Dolls section lets you create fancy hairstyles and add furniture to a doll house. Use stickers to fill the plates at a dolly tea party. The Dress-Up section features tiaras, a costume party, and masks to design for a ball. Under the Fairies section, color the stripes of a rainbow and a fairy house. In the Flower section, plant a sticker garden and pick out the flower that is different from the others. This book lets girls explore their creative side through artistic activities.

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin

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