Edited by Parragon Books
Parragon Books, $12.99, 240 pages

In every inhabited region of the globe, there are physical spaces – some designed structures, some natural geographic wonders– that are representative of the city, country or culture in which they can be found. From the totem poles of Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, to the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia, each of these iconic landmarks draw hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

This book is an illustrated compilation of 100 of these emblematic locations, including the Taj Mahal, Robben Island and Uluru, to name a few. Each of the carefully selected sites, the majority of which are in Europe, is accompanied by a 2-4 page descriptive overview, some stock color photographs, and either a timeline or ‘fast fact’ file related to the attraction’s construction, discovery or development. This book is great for armchair travelers or anyone creating a bucket list or itinerary of places to see and experience.

Reviewed by Linda Frederiksen

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