By Linda Lael Miller
HQN, $7.99, 384 pages

In the small quiet town of Stone Creek, Arizona, the local District Attorney, Melissa O’Ballivan didn’t suspect that her life was about to go from boring routine to life-altering change. Meanwhile, attorney Steven Creed had become a single dad when his best friends died and named him in their wills as guardian of their five-year-old son Matt. Steven left his Denver law firm and bought a ranch near some of his relatives in Stone Creek. There was immediate and intense attraction between the two lawyers. But when faced with a case which would have them opposing each other in court, they realized that their budding relationship would not work out. While Matt plots to bring them together, circumstances drive them further apart.

Linda Lael Miller has authored more than a hundred historical and contemporary novels, most set in Western locations. A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, she grew up in the Northport, Washington and now lives in Spokane. A Creed in Stone Creek is an enjoyable read with an adorable little boy and his dog adding great sentimentality to a romantic story.

Reviewed by Fran Byram

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