By Marianne Dubuc
Kids Can Press, $16.95, 120 pages

You are invited to a special party. Disguises are a must! The animal guests are gathering. Look at all the costumes. The lion is disguised as an elephant and the elephant is dressed as a parrot. The parrot dons a turtle costume, so what will the turtle wear? Marianne Dubuc’s Animal Masquerade is a stunningly beautiful book that portrays a fun-filled event not to be missed. Just when kids think they have the pattern figured out and are ready to guess the next costume, Dubuc throws in a hilarious twist. What disguise does the turtle wear? Little Red Riding Hood, of course! Kids will see that an entire costume isn’t necessary to capture the essence of an animal. What is needed to transform a mother swan and her cygnets into the Three Little Pigs? A curly pink tail and a piggy snout do the job! The animals use their imagination to make a unique costume. A teeny tiny mouse wants to be a tall pink flamingo. He doesn’t let his diminutive size stop him. After strapping on some four foot tall pink legs, Mouse is ready to attend the masquerade. You’ll be ready to party too!

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin,

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