Nap Time!

By Catherine Ham
EarlyLight Books, 32 pages, $14.95

A sleeping animal is one of nature’s sweetest sights. Shhh, three puppies are soundly napping, piled on top of each other in a warm puppy pile. Napping is a subject that children are familiar with and adults appreciate. In her book Animal Naps, Catherine Ham celebrates the state of sleepiness with photographs of charming animals and rhyming verse. Instead of just reading about animals, children can identify and relate to the many nice photographs.

This blend of poetry and science makes learning fun. A mother fox digs a den for her babies during the winter. But a lone fox picks any spot, even on top of snow! His fur protects his skin and, when his bushy tail wraps around his face, he’s nice and toasty. There is a definite “awww” factor present throughout the pages. Girls and boys will love the pictures of cuddling cuties. A kangaroo lies down to nap and covers his eyes with his paws to block out the light! Why does a leopard climb a tree and lounge on a branch to sleep? He stays out of danger by being off the ground. Even hippos take a nap! They raise their nostrils from underneath the water and breathe without waking up. Sweet dreams!

Reviewed by Kathryn Franklin


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